Plan a Ride, Don’t Drive this 4/20

Plan a Ride, Don’t Drive this 4/20

If you’re in Colorado this 4/20, getting a ride should be easier than ever. Lyft is teaming up with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to promote safer riding and reduce impaired driving.

“Our goal for this partnership with Lyft is to encourage marijuana users to treat marijuana consumption just like drinking, and always plan to use a sober ride,” says Sam Cole, Safety Communications Manager at CDOT

Last year, 88% of Lyft riders reported that they ride to avoid driving under the influence. And studies have shown that the availability of ridesharing can reduce alcohol-related driving arrests by up to 51%, and DWI deaths by more than 10%.

With recreational marijuana use legal in Colorado, we hope to keep the streets safer — for drivers and passengers, on 4/20, and everyday.

Through our partnership with CDOT, we’re offering discounted and free rides throughout Colorado. You might also spot a few Lyft cars — 17, to be exact — outfitted in custom 4/20 decals to represent the 17% of DWI arrests in Colorado that involve marijuana.

“We believe that proactive public awareness campaigns like this one, alongside convenient and affordable transportation through Lyft, can begin to reduce the number of Coloradans driving under the influence of marijuana. That is why we are so proud to partner with CDOT to help them lead the way on this important public safety campaign,” says Gabe Cohen, General Manager for Lyft in Colorado

If you’ll be in Colorado this 4/20, look out for ride credit and discounts at, where you can also learn more about the partnership.

Ride on, Colorado!

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