Celebrating Our Servicemembers (and the People who Support Them)

Celebrating Our Servicemembers (and the People who Support Them)

Our servicemembers — and their families — make up an important part of the Lyft community: 10% of drivers are veterans, and 26% of drivers have a family member who has served or is currently serving our country.

We know the commitment our servicemembers make goes beyond active duty — it’s about being away from family, missing earning opportunities and job prospects, and adopting a lifestyle that makes it hard to return to being a civilian. Our servicemembers are there for us, so let’s be there for them.

This Veterans Day, we’re excited to share two partnerships that support our servicemembers (past and present) and their families.


As one of our longest standing Round Up & Donate partners, USO collects contributions from passengers who opt in to round up their fares to the nearest dollar and donate the difference. And for the month of November, we’re making USO our featured Round Up & Donate partner. For over 76 years, USO has helped strengthen America’s military servicemembers by keeping them connected to family, home, and country throughout their service to the nation. We’re proud to collaborate with USO to not only support active servicemembers and veterans but also share their stories: 

GI GO and JobPath

We’re excited to partner with two veteran empowerment organizations in New Jersey: The GI GO Fund and JobPath. Together with our partners, we’re offering improved transportation options for New Jersey veterans, like free rides to and from doctor’s appointments and job interviews year-round.

Through these partnerships, we hope to give something meaningful to the people who’ve given so much to us. Thank you to all the servicemembers in the Lyft community, and all the people they call family.

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