Celebrating Women’s History Month With Valerie Jarrett and the Women Who Inspire Her

Celebrating Women’s History Month With Valerie Jarrett and the Women Who Inspire Her

This March, we’re offering rides to places that honor women’s contribution to our nation’s history, and select women-owned businesses.*

March is Women's History Month. Let’s take a moment and learn more about our nation's history and the important role that women have played throughout that history. To get you started, I’ve shared some of the locations in Washington, D.C. that have inspired, humbled, and helped strengthen my resolve to help make a difference in local communities across the United States.

Throughout the month, you’ll learn which places helped contribute to the journey of community leaders like Brittany Packnett, Kim L. Hunt, and others. When I invited women to share their stories, I looked for a range of women people can identify with — women who make you think, “I could be like them.”

Learning important lessons from the women who've made their mark in history, and recognizing so many of them are just everyday people, should empower people to feel like, "I can do something, too." That’s why, for Women’s History Month, Lyft is offering ride credit to help make these locations more accessible and affordable for everyone. It’s so exciting because — let's face it — sometimes the impediment to people visiting these wonderful places is that they simply can't afford to get there.

— Valerie Jarrett

Get $10 off* 1 ride to or from the following locations for Women’s History Month:

Washington D.C. — use promo code: WHMDCA19

Baltimore, MD — use promo code: WHMBWI19

Boston, MA — use promo code: WHMBOS19

Charleston, SC use promo code: WHMCHS19

Chicago, IL — use promo code: WHMCHI

Cleveland, OH — use promo code: WHMCLE19

Cincinnati, OH — use promo code: WHMCVG19

Columbus, OH — use promo code: WHMCMH19

Denver, CO use promo code: WHMDEN19

Dallas, TX — use promo code: WHMDFW2019

Greenville, SC — use promo code: WHMGSP19

Hawaii — use promo code: WHMHNL19

Houston, TX — use promo code: WHMIAH19

Indianapolis, IN — use promo code: WHMINDY19

Las Vegas, NV — use promo code: WHMLAS19

Lexington, KY use promo code: WHMLEX19

Los Angeles, CA — use promo code: WHMLAX19

Memphis, TN use promo code: WHMMEM2019

Miami, FL use promo code: WHMMIA19

Minneapolis, MN use promo code: WHMMSP19

Montgomery, AL use promo code: WHMMGM19

Nashville, TN — use promo code: WHMBNA2019

New Jersey — use promo code: WHMNJ19

New York City, NY — use promo code: WHMNYC19

Oakland, CA use promo code: WHMOAK19

Orlando, FL— use promo code: WHMMCO19

Philadelphia, PA use promo code: WHMPHI19

Phoenix, AZ use promo code: WHMPHX19

Pittsburgh, PA use promo code: WHMPIT19

Raleigh–Durham, NC use promo code: WHMRDU19

Saint Louis, MO use promo code: WHMSTL19

San Diego, CA use promo code: WHMSAN19

San Francisco, CA — use promo code: WHMSFO

San Jose, CA use promo code: WHMSJC19

Tampa, FL use promo code: WHMTPA19

Tucson, AZ use promo code: WHMTUS19

Toronto, Ontario use promo code: IWD2019TO

*Max $10 off per ride. Limit one credit per Lyft account. Credit will not carry over for an eligible ride costing less than $10. Credit must be entered into Lyft app and used between March 7, 12:00 AM through March 31, 2019 11:59 PM. Ride must start or end at a participating location listed above. Discount does not apply to tips, cancellation fees, damage charges, or taxes. Subject to Lyft’s Terms of Service.

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