Lyft Line Comes to Chi-Town

Lyft Line Comes to Chi-Town

Share the news and share the ride, Chicago. Lyft Line is now live in the Windy City — and it’s brought crazy low prices with it. With rides costing up to 30% less than original Lyft, getting around town has never been more affordable.

With Lyft Line, you carpool with others traveling the same way for a lower price. It’s the same tap-and-go ride, except you save money at the same time. (Perfect for multitaskers.)

So whether you’re grabbing drinks in Lincoln Park, heading home to the South Side, or just need a faster way to get from the Loop to your office, count on Line for the most affordable ride in town.




Slide into Line mode and request a ride.

lineCHI-design_assets_phone copy.png

Get Matched

Carpool and split the cost.

lineCHI-design_assets_phone copy 2.png


Hop in and meet your fellow riders.

Even if you don’t match with another rider, the price stays fixed and will always be less than original Lyft.

Launch Special: Downtown Discounts

We turned downtown into a giant discount zone where Lyft Lines cost up to 30% less than original Lyft for a limited time. Just make sure your Line ride starts and ends within the zone.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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