Talking, Laughing, Driving: Behind the Wheel with Chicago Driver Fanny Sepulveda

Talking, Laughing, Driving: Behind the Wheel with Chicago Driver Fanny Sepulveda

“I’m a talker,” says Fanny Sepulveda. “I love when I’m able to put a smile on someone’s face who’s having a rough day and just needs to talk to someone.” It’s Fanny’s love to help people feel understood that has led her to two passions: Being an interpreter and driving with Lyft.

Fanny’s been a Chicago resident for the past 10 years. After moving to the there from Florida, she wanted to continue her work as an interpreter. As a fluent Spanish speaker, Fanny often interprets difficult, crisis-oriented situations. “I’ve helped with everything from bankruptcy, to immigration, to medical appointments,” says Fanny. “I’ve even been in a C-section with a client, and told her she was going to have a baby. It’s pretty awesome to be the tool that someone needs to communicate with someone as important as their doctor.”

Since it’s difficult to predict when someone’s going to need her assistance, Fanny needed a flexible source of income to help support her passion as an interpreter. “I can go all over the place when I drive with Lyft,” she says. “It allows me to just drop everything and go help someone if they need it.”

“I love driving Chicago visitors, they always talk about what a beautiful city it is,” she says. “People are blown away.” Thanks to driving, Fanny has a new point of view on the city she calls home. “I love visiting new neighborhoods, or showing visitors how diverse the city is. I know a lot of passengers who have learned about new places from their Lyft driver.”

Fanny also has a new group of lifelong friends, both as a Lyft mentor and as part of the Lyft Chicago community. “Some of us call each other the Lyft Vampires,” she laughs. “You know, because we drive at night.” The tight-knit group celebrates everything from birthdays to holidays together. They even did Christmas at Fanny’s house this past year!

While she loves driving, what’s most important to Fanny is the freedom it’s given her to pursue her first love: interpreting. “When you don’t understand a language, it’s crippling,” says Fanny. “As soon as I walk in, I can see a look of relief on a client’s face.”

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