Chicago Pride: Meet Mia and Zoe

Chicago Pride: Meet Mia and Zoe

The Lyft community has always been one where people feel free to be themselves. This pride month, we’re partnering with six major pride festivals across the nation to make sure you have a ride as unique as you are. Each week, we’ll highlight an LGBT driver to bring you their story.

Mia and Zoe met by mistake. Mia, one of Chicago’s first Lyft drivers, was wrapping up a driver training session in a makeshift office when Zoe walked in. “I’m here for my appointment!” she said, even though none of the trainers had her on their schedule. Despite the mixup, Zoe met with a driver to train, and afterward found her way back to Mia. “By the way, is that your motorcycle outside?” she said. “I love it!” (Spoiler alert: Zoe actually knows nothing about motorcycles.)

A few weeks later, Mia was marching with Lyft in the Chicago Pride Parade and Zoe caught the parade on TV. She called Mia to say congratulations, and the two started hanging out. They’ve been together for two years now.

Since Mia and Zoe both drive with Lyft, they’re somewhat of a celebrity within the Chicago Lyft community. “We’re an entity!” Mia says. “Lyft is such a huge part of my life. It's where I met my partner, and where I can be myself.” For her and Zoe, Lyft’s presence at Pride isn’t just an important occasion — it’s an anniversary.

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