Chicago: 10 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

Chicago: 10 Tips for the Best Summer Ever

From saving up for that dream vacation to just connecting with your city, the reasons you choose to drive and ride with Lyft are as unique as you are. We’re celebrating drivers and passengers from the Lyft community by sharing their reasons for choosing Lyft. Head to to see more stories, and to share your own.

Driver Monique has roots in Chicago, but dreams of faraway lands. “One day I’ll just travel. Pack up and travel the world for a year with my dog,” she says. The self-proclaimed foodie has been to every hole-in-the-wall in Chicago, and can’t wait to sample new cuisine abroad. “I want to see things and experience new cultures,” she says. “Lyft is helping me get there.”

Monique started driving to power that dream, and kept at it when she realized it was perfect for her lifestyle. “I’m a social butterfly,” she says “I love meeting people. Plus, you’re driving when you want. The flexibility is the most beneficial thing for me.”

Until Monique takes off on her world travels, you can find her taking advantage of her favorite warm-weather spots. Here are her best tips for summer in Chicago:

  1. Don’t miss the best turkey burger & fries. They’re at That's a Burger at 2134 East 71st Street.
  2. Check out the neighborhood festivals. Different neighborhoods host festivals each weekend throughout the city, and it’s a great way to experience the various cultures of Chicago.
  3. Dance the night away. Reynold’s at 938 East 7th Street is the place for house music on Tuesday nights.
  4. Wanna be a beach bum? 63rd Street Beach offers live music, food, and fun in the sun.
  5. Grab a cone. Head over to Original Rainbow Cone at 9233 South Western Avenue.
  6. And the best steak fries. Go to Home of the Hoagy at 1312 West 111th Street.
  7. Time for after-work cocktails? You’ll find them at Ceres at 141 West Jackson Boulevard.
  8. Or cocktails in general. The cocktails are at Reese’s Lounge at 1827 West 87th Street.
  9. Try some Thai. You can’t go wrong at Thai 55 at 1607 East 55th Street.
  10. Cool off with a milkshake. Top Notch at 2116 West 95th Street has the best shake in the city.

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