21 of the Most Coachella Moments in Lyft Rides

21 of the Most Coachella Moments in Lyft Rides

Music fans, get ready: Coachella is here. Heading to the festival? We’ll be there for your transportation needs, so all you have to worry about is which band to see next. 

If a concert in the desert isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Lyft rides provide plenty of opportunity to get your groove on, as evidenced by these very Coachella moments from the Lyft community.

That time you discovered a whole new genre:

And dropped your own musical knowledge:

When your driver laid down the law:

And you were equally honest:

When you couldn't get enough BASS:

And tasty jams were all you really needed:

When you realized (the hard way) that hippie fashion is officially a thing again:

But you didn't sweat the small stuff:

Or that time you had the best conversation:

Then got down to the important questions:

When a stranger saved the day:

And you swore it was magic:

When you found someone who loves shows as much as you:

And discovered common ground:

Because then you finally realized — this is what it’s all about: 

Now pack your suncreen, and we'll see you in SoCal!

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