Ottawa, We're Headed Your Way!

Ottawa, We're Headed Your Way!

It’s just one month into 2018 and we’re itching to roll out in the capital. We love giving rides in Toronto, but when we heard Ottawa was ranked as the best city to live in for three years running, we knew we had to be here, too.

There are plenty of reasons why we’re excited to hit your streets. First up, we’re planning to nom-nom on flat, deep-fried pastries from the Market, grab a hot chocolate, and maybe head down to the Canal for a skate. But with so many neighbourhood rinks to choose from, we’re keeping our options open.

So bundle up, O-Town — download our app, and when we go live, just tap to request.
Winter, summer, rain, hail, or shine we can’t wait to say, “Ottawa, we’ve got your ride!”

First time with Lyft? Here’s how it works:

1. Download the app: sign up and add a payment method.

2. Request and ride happy: a nearby driver will take care of the rest.

3. Pay instantly: when the ride ends, autopay through the app — with or without an optional tip.

Interested in driving with Lyft? Apply today.

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