Get Your Time Back: Commute with Lyft

Get Your Time Back: Commute with Lyft

What if there was a way to mark off your to-dos so you can actually relax when you’re not at work?

It’s easy: Commute to work and back home with Lyft. Instead of driving, get your stuff done in the backseat of a Lyft ride to gain some extra you time at night. Here are 15 things to get done during your commute so you can free up your time later.

1. Respond to texts and emails: Without the distractions of driving, you can finally tackle that inbox.

2. Touch up your makeup: Just remember a mirror, and hope that you don’t hit any bumps when it’s time to apply your mascara.

3. Meditate: The backseat is at least 80 percent more peaceful than your house with roommates.

4. Figure out what to wear: Prepare for your date later — otherwise you might never make it out of the house on time.

5. Make a list: Leaving for vacation soon? Make a packing list so you don’t forget anything.

6. Learn a language: Because yo no comprendo.

7. Read a book: You’ll never finish that thriller you’ve been reading for the past six months if you don’t take advantage of some peace and quiet.

8. Play a game: Blow off the steam of your workday by racking up points on your phone.

9. Research dinner: Look for recipes that are healthy and you can actually make (or find the best takeout — we won’t judge).

10. Plan your weekend: Be prepared to answer those what-are-you-doing-tonight texts by determining the various ways you’ll say, “Sorry, I’m busy.”

11. Write a blog post: Spend time on that new hobby of yours.

12. Pay your bills: Simply put — just get it over with.

13. Take a nap: If you nap now, you’ll wake up ready to seize the rest of your day.

14. Reach the end of your feed: If you see everything now, you won’t feel compelled to scroll later when you’re with friends.

15. Write thank-you notes: C’mon, the buyers of all those wedding gifts have been waiting patiently for months.

Find extra you time on your commute to work and back home. Request a Lyft ride now.

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