Lyft × Concur: Expensing Made Easy

Lyft × Concur: Expensing Made Easy

We’re excited to release Lyft’s integration with Concur to better serve business travelers by making their expense reporting effortless.

Business travelers are increasingly relying on Lyft, with 57% choosing ridesharing over black cars or taxis. After countless conversations with travel managers about what they need, we are happy to offer employees a completely integrated solution where every trip automatically sends an e-receipt to Concur, so keeping track is as easy as taking a ride.

For companies, this integration means real-time visibility into employees’ Lyft expenses, and the ability to view charges in the context of their greater business data.

How It Works

To try it out, just link your Concur and Lyft accounts, which you can do in either the Concur App Center or the ‘Payment’ section of the Lyft app. After you connect, you’ll see the Concur logo next to your credit card information.


When you see the Concur logo next to your payment method, your receipt will automatically be sent to Concur after your ride is complete. Don’t worry if you forget before you ride — you can always change your payment option when the ride ends.

After the ride, you can add additional details, like trip purpose and expense code. These will be included in your receipt. Then, when it’s time to submit your expense report, you’ll find all your Lyft expenses with receipt details and notes waiting for you in Concur.

We’re always talking to travel managers and other industry leaders about how to make Lyft for Work better, and integrating with Concur is just one exciting step of many. Keep looking for continued improvements of Lyft for Work in the coming months.

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