Vote for the Next Great American Cookie

Vote for the Next Great American Cookie

For 76 years, the chocolate chip cookie has dominated the taste buds of our great nation. Today, half of cookies sold in the U.S. are chocolate chip. It even has its own holiday: May 15, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

But what if… Lyft found better?

On May 15, we’re challenging the chip with our Lyft community favorite: salted butterscotch.

Lyft’s interest in cookie preferences dates back to our founding days, when we learned of Lyft drivers who added extra delight to their rides by baking treats for passengers. The rise of salted butterscotch began in 2013, when San Francisco Lyft driver Chris B. started hosting “cookie wars” in his car. Each morning, Chris baked two types of cookies, then asked passengers to vote for a favorite. The winning cookie took on a new challenger the next day.

Again and again, his famous salted butterscotch cookies won the race.

Tomorrow, we’re taking cookie wars national, and pitting salted butterscotch against the incumbent chip.

With the help of Nashville’s Dozen Bakery, we’re unleashing nearly 6,000 cookies onto America, and turning Lyft rides across the country into cookie voting stations.

Hop into a Lyft ride, try both cookies, then cast your vote on social media using #teamchip or #teambutterscotch. We’re also throwing election day cookie tasting parties. And, of course, anyone can vote online. The winning cookie will be announced on Friday, May 16.

Visit the Challenge the Chip campaign site to see what cities we’ll be in and how to vote.

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