Do the Dutch Reach

Do the Dutch Reach

Wait. Do the what? (Don’t worry — it’s safe for work.)

The Safer Way to Open Your Door

The Dutch Reach is a simple maneuver that helps keeps cyclists and scooter-ers safer. By changing how you open the car door, you could save a cyclist’s life.

Do it the Dutch Way

Before exiting your ride, reach across your body for the far door handle with your opposite hand. Check for bikes and scooters and then slowly open the door. A little mindfulness goes a long way.

So, basically:

  • Reach. Turn. Look.

  • Check for cyclists (and scooter-ers) before you open the door.

 How to Do the Dutch Reach


Why Teach the Reach?

Doing the Dutch Reach is a proven way to help prevent dooring collisions. What’s more, it reminds drivers and riders to safely and peacefully coexist with our friends on two wheels.

 In cities we all share the streets. Let’s make them safer for everyone by teaching the reach — and making it a habit.

(And yes, it’s really Dutch!)

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