Paving the Way for Greener Cities

Paving the Way for Greener Cities

California Governor Jerry Brown, Senate President Kevin de León and other environmental leaders have made it clear that we must reduce fossil fuel consumption to secure a sustainable future. We believe we can play our part by developing innovative technology that connects people in their cities and takes cars off the road.

Lyft Line is how we’re getting there. For every seat that’s filled, that’s one less car on the road.

Just this week, California Assemblyman Phil Ting stood with transit and environmental advocates including the Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Caltrain, TransForm, and the Coalition for Clean Air in support of Lyft Line as a key tool to reduce carbon emissions and achieve the state’s ambitious environmental goals.

“Services such as Lyft Line offer unprecedented opportunities for consumers to share rides, reducing the need for more vehicles on the road and curbing air pollutants harmful to human health and the environment.” - Lauren Faber, Environmental Defense Fund

Since we launched Lyft Line in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, we’ve facilitated millions of connections between passengers and drivers, increasing vehicle occupancy and contributing to fewer cars on the road.

Lyft Line rides now make up more than 50% of rides in San Francisco and 30% of rides in New York City.

And, one-in-five rides in the Bay Area start or end near a BART or Caltrain stop, proving Lyft Line to be the perfect last-mile complement to public transit. That’s a significant decrease in the number of cars heading to and from those public transit stations.

We continue to make it even more efficient for you to share rides by developing new technology and testing new programs such as HotSpots, which we recently launched here in San Francisco.

With your support, we’re making major progress toward a future with less traffic by allowing people to share rides, drive less and more easily connect with public transit routes.

Request a Lyft Line - not only will you help play a small part in decreasing our impact on the earth, you might meet a new friend on the way.

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