Lyft’s Guide to EDC Las Vegas 2016

Lyft’s Guide to EDC Las Vegas 2016

On June 17th, the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) returns to Las Vegas, celebrating the festival's 20th anniversary. In the coming days, more than 150,000 music lovers will arrive in Vegas for one of the city's biggest productions. 

Worried about getting around Vegas for EDC? We're here for you! It's easy to get to and from the festival with Lyft. Head to our convenient pickup and drop off location, located near Las Vegas Blvd and Entry 4 for expedited entry/exit.

Pro-Tip: Split the ride payment with your friends! Click here to learn how.

The line-up this year has every electronic dance artist you can imagine, from mega-producers to up-and-comers. Performances are spread out across 7 stages, with various art cars weaving through the festival grounds.

Find your favorites on this year’s official lineup:


Music is just a small part of the overall experience of EDC. Wander and explore the endless carnival rides, art installations and whimsical performances.

Here’s some extra advice to make sure you have the best weekend ever:

  • Ride with Lyft to and from the event. Don’t stress about driving or the nightmare of parking!
  • Leave a little early. We suggest heading out before 4am to avoid hours of watching the sun rise over a sea of traffic.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the night and make sure your friends are drinking plenty of water as well. It gets hot out there! 
  • Stay with your tribe. Create a buddy system and designate a meet-up spot in case you get lost in the wild. Don’t trust your phone to have service.

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