Express Drive Expands Footprint to California and Colorado

Express Drive Expands Footprint to California and Colorado

This summer, Lyft and General Motors’ Express Drive will launch in San Francisco, followed by Los Angeles this fall. This flexible, all-inclusive rental program gives Lyft drivers the opportunity to access cars for as little as $0 whenever they need them.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, over 130,000 people who applied to become Lyft drivers — but didn’t have qualifying cars — will now have the opportunity to drive on the platform.

What’s even more exciting is that Express Drive’s California members will have access to vehicles from the largest pure electric vehicle fleets, including the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV and the extended-range electric 2016 Chevrolet Volt.

This Express Drive expansion follows successful launches in Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. Since March, the Lyft-exclusive program has been a big hit:

  • 30% of new Lyft driver applicants in Chicago have requested an Express Drive vehicle

  • Lyft drivers with Express Drive vehicles have earned $2 million, and counting

Along with the tips and same-day payouts, Express Drive is another way Lyft treats drivers better, giving them access to flexible earning opportunities without the hassle of full car ownership or expensive lease deals.

Carlos, a Lyft driver in Chicago, has told us how much he loves the Express Drive program: “When I found out about Express Drive, it made total sense for me as a low-cost, flexible option. As a full-time MBA student, I need to be able to earn an income for my family. Since Express Drive is a rental program, as opposed to a long-term lease, it truly allows me the flexibility to be able to return the car on short notice if I want to take off time for vacation or to study for finals.”

For active Lyft drivers who meet a certain ride count each week, there’ll be no weekly rental cost. In short: The more you drive, the less you pay. In addition to affordability, Express Drive includes insurance and standard maintenance, and offers flexible terms for drivers. To learn more or start driving, visit or read our press release.

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