First-Date Ideas: Create the Perfect Night With Some Help From Lyft

First-Date Ideas: Create the Perfect Night With Some Help From Lyft

A first date is often a tricky — and time-consuming — night to plan (and that’s after you finally pick an outfit).

Taking a ride with Lyft can help. From picking up your date to ending the night with a safe ride home, Lyft offers the perfect ride and sets you up for the perfect night. Here’s how using Lyft makes you a good date.

You’re Timely

Your date will be impressed when you show up on time, and you’ll show how organized and thoughtful you are. Just use the Lyft app, and you’ll be on your way in minutes. You can even get a few last-minute recommendations from your driver: Hat or no hat? Which lipstick color looks best? Are these date plans first-class?

You’re Resourceful

Here’s a first-date idea: Take your date someplace exciting and new. With Lyft, you’re not tied to just one part of town or where public transportation runs. Want to change the mood from that loud club with your favorite tequila to a chill dive bar with beer and board games? Just pull out your phone and request a Lyft ride.

You’re Smart

When you ride with Lyft, there’s no circling the block to search for a parking spot, no heading off to a far-flung parking garage, and no paying for valet. Just enter your destination, and your Lyft driver will drop you and your date at the door. That way, you’ll have more time to get to know your date better.

You’re Cashless

Convenience is essential for any date. With Lyft, there’s no embarrassing moment at the end of the ride when you don’t have cash. You pay for the ride — and leave a tip if you want — through your phone.

You’re Responsible

Avoid any chance of being stopped for driving when you shouldn’t be. When you’re ready to head across town from one bar to another, or once the night out is winding down, just open the app and get a safe ride home. Your date will be impressed by your maturity.

Don’t let first-date jitters get in your way. Sign up for Lyft and pick up your date for a perfect night out.

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