Reasons Lyft Is Your Game-Day Go-To

Reasons Lyft Is Your Game-Day Go-To

What’s harder than getting tickets to the big football game? Game-day parking.

But getting to a football game and leaving the stadium afterward doesn’t have to be difficult. Consider requesting a more convenient alternative — a Lyft ride — to take you there and back.

Avoid Game-Day Parking Hassles

Instead of dealing with traffic while behind the wheel, deal with it comfortably from the backseat of a Lyft ride. Finalize your fantasy football lineup on your way to the game, then get dropped off near the stadium entrance. Always forget where you parked? Never worry about searching the parking lot again — just request a Lyft ride when you’re ready to go home.

Get a Safe Ride Home

During the football season, the temperature gets colder and colder. Hey, at least your beer stays cold! But after a few drinks — combined with the fatigue from cheering on your team for four quarters — driving home could earn you a penalty flag. Lyft, however, can get you home safely.

Travel with Your Team

Want to pick up some friends on the way to the stadium? Add an extra stop on your Lyft ride so you can get them. Or, for a bigger group, request a Lyft Plus and leave with up to five of your teammates. That way you and your friends can arrive at the same time and avoid searching for — and waiting on — each other at the crowded stadium.

Schedule Your Ride

Think you’ll forget to request a ride until it’s almost too late? Schedule your Lyft ride in advance — your driver will be at your door right when you’re ready to go and you won’t miss the opening kickoff.

Discover New Places

Whether you’re the 12th man on the field in Seattle or a fan of all those championship rings in San Francisco, there’s more to the football experience than just going to the game. Get help deciding where to start your pre-game festivities or at which bar to celebrate your team’s victory, with recommendations from your Lyft driver.

Skip the parking woes when you’re headed to a football game. Instead, score a touchdown by riding with Lyft.

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