Friends at First Sight: A #LyftLove Story

Friends at First Sight: A #LyftLove Story

Have you ever felt like your Lyft driver was your long lost soulmate/best friend/twin? That’s how Los Angeles resident Megan Duffy and her friend felt when they hitched a ride with Lyft driver Valerie on the way to a Dodger’s game.

Read what happened in Megan’s own words:

“My friend had a set of four tickets to the Dodgers game last week and invited me along. They were great seats, first row behind home plate. Another friend had to cancel last minute, so we ended up with an extra ticket.
The minute that Valerie picked us up, we knew we liked her. She had the same taste in movies and has a great sense of humor. She also revealed that she was a Dodgers fan and that she and her boyfriend had contemplated going to the game the night before, but had decided to both drive for Lyft that night instead.
That's when my friend said, ‘Well, we have an extra ticket. Do you wanna come with us?’
I think at first she thought we were kidding but soon we were rallying for her to join us. Finally, she said okay!
We loved just chatting with her and getting to know her. We learned where she grew up, what her aspirations are, and why Lyft was making it possible for her to pursue her career in acting while still earning a living. The only disappointment was that the dance cam didn't catch us!  
And of course, we requested her as our Lyft home. We now all follow each other on Instagram and she and I messaged just a couple of days ago.”

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