Get Paid Quickly with Lyft and Express Pays

Get Paid Quickly with Lyft and Express Pays

Brian Simuro thinks of Lyft as a life-changer.

He spent nearly 20 years as a police officer in the Bay Area before being injured in the line of duty compelled him to take an early disability retirement.

Brian moved to San Francisco and started anew, creating a private tour guide business and experiencing the city as a Lyft passenger. In 2015, he took another step — driving with Lyft. The flexibility of working when he wants is big, he says, and the ability to get paid when he wants is “revolutionary.”

With Lyft, drivers can get paid in two ways: a weekly deposit into their checking account or Express Pay, which puts their pay on a debit card whenever they want after reaching at least $50 in ride earnings, referrals, and mentor payments. (Note: There’s a 50-cent transfer fee to collect Express Pay.)

“I’ve never had a job where I’ve gotten paid instantly like that,” Brian says. “It’s pretty awesome.”

Brian typically drives three times a week, turning on the Lyft app as he pulls out of his garage in the morning. He takes passengers from place to place, breaking for lunch and physical therapy. If he hasn’t reached his daily earnings goal, he drives a few more passengers in the afternoon.

With his retirement payment arriving only once a month, getting his Lyft money when he wants is a great benefit.

“Express Pay allows me to better control my budget,” Brian says. “If I couldn’t get paid every day, I couldn’t pay my bills on time.”

If Brian has a vacation coming up, he can drive longer and get the money quickly. Express Pay is one of many reasons he only drives with Lyft.

Express Pay began after drivers backed the initial concept. They believed the instant access would help make their lives easier by having quick cash for life expenses such as groceries and rent, covering emergencies, and keeping gas in their cars.

The process is easy — drivers just need to tap a button on the “Earnings” tab in the Lyft app (after linking their debit account). 

For Brian, Lyft is his No. 1 choice.

“Loyalty is big to me,” he says. “The community aspect of Lyft is what has kept me from going anywhere else.”

Drive when you want, and get paid quickly with Express Pay. Sign up to drive with Lyft.

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