Get Paid to Drive: Top Reasons to Roll with Lyft

Get Paid to Drive: Top Reasons to Roll with Lyft

You’ve heard of Lyft to get a ride, but have you thought about getting behind the wheel?

Drivers choose Lyft because of its flexible schedule, tips, and inclusive culture. But, don’t take our word for it. We’ll let Kevin Streckewald, Brian Simuro, and Teri Zinanti explain the reasons they drive with Lyft.

Flexibility to Drive When You Want

“At any point in the day, I can turn the Lyft app off and come back to it. That’s a big bonus for me.”
— Kevin

Kevin is a location scout and manager for films in Philadelphia, a job that’s not limited to 9 to 5. There are some months when he’s so busy that it’s hard to find time to rest, and others when he could use a flexible alternative to earn some extra cash.

Enter, Lyft.

“I couldn’t find a part-time bartending or serving job, or one with a company I feel good about, and be able to take a month off from … and come back when I can,” Kevin says.

When he isn’t working on films, Kevin’s up at 5 AM driving with Lyft during the morning rush hour. Stopping for lunch at his leisure, he drives again through the evening commute. If a work call comes in, he can just turn off the Lyft app and take it, no questions asked. When he needs to take a week off from driving, there’s no need to ask permission or track vacation hours.

“I like that I can set my own hours,” Kevin says. “It’s a great way to integrate both of my jobs.”

A Seamless Process for Tips and Feedback

“I like that I don’t have to solicit a tip. It’s up to passengers if they want to say thanks with a few extra bills, and it’s appreciated.”
— Kevin

Lyft makes it easy for passengers to give a tip in the app at their own convenience — no cash required. Plus, drivers keep 100 percent of their tips.

Passengers and drivers can also rate one another after a ride. Kevin compares the quick feedback and 5-star ratings to getting a gold star from a teacher.

“It makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something,” he says of the positive comments he gets.

Choose to Get Paid Now or Later

“Express Pay allows me to better control my budget.”
— Brian

Not only can you drive when you want, but you also can get paid instantly. Express Pay lets drivers get their earnings once they make $50. The debit transfers happen within a few hours or a few days, depending on your bank.

Brian, a former police officer who drives with Lyft in San Francisco, gets a disability retirement payment only once a month. The money he makes with Lyft helps him fill in the gaps.

“If I couldn’t get paid every day, I couldn’t pay my bills on time,” he says.

Create Your Own Ride Experience

“The community aspect of Lyft is what has kept me from going anywhere else.”
— Brian

With Lyft, drivers are encouraged to show their personality, while making it an enjoyable ride for passengers — whether that involves offering snacks, a phone-charging station, or music recommendation.

For Brian, being yourself means keeping old-school candy for passengers in his SUV: Pop Rocks, Ring Pops, Now and Laters, and jawbreakers.

“It’s always a good conversational piece,” Brian says.

Every Ride Is a New Adventure

“There’s diversity, there’s friendliness, and there’s so much you learn from different people.”
— Teri

Teri works full-time in an office. Lyft is one way to leave her desk behind. She drives nights and some weekends in the Denver area. Conversations drift from work to where a passenger is headed to where they’re from.

“Every time a new passenger gets in the car, there’s a good connection … the conversation just usually flows,” Teri says. “It’s just a fresh experience every ride.”

Fuel Your Passions

“It’s a great way for me to network.”
— Kevin

Kevin finds places in Philadelphia for film shoots. And what better way to scout them out than by driving up and down city streets? While driving with Lyft, he’s found production assistants to hire and has even referred passengers with aspiring acting careers to casting agencies.

Brian is the president/founder of Cops Care Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit that raises money for children with cancer. The foundation has come up in conversations with Lyft passengers, and some have even volunteered or donated money.

“That’s because of the Lyft community,” he says. “It’s the positive atmosphere that Lyft has created between rider and driver that you can feel comfortable talking about that.”

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