Government Travel Goes Modern

Government Travel Goes Modern

Every month, tens of millions of people in communities across the United States use Lyft to get around. And thanks to legislation passed by Congress today, federal government employees will now be able to join them.

A recent study found that Lyft has saved passengers 26 million travel hours compared to alternative travel methods, which is a time savings valued at over $500 million. The Modernizing Government Travel Act, passed by Congress today, ensures that federal workers can now request Lyft rides while traveling on official business — which will not only increase efficiency, but save workers time, and taxpayers money.

As Lyft’s Vice President for Government Affairs Joseph Okpaku put it, "Allowing federal workers to choose innovative transportation solutions like Lyft when traveling for work is a great way to encourage more efficient use of resources and ensure that government workers have access to safe, affordable, and reliable transportation options."

We couldn’t agree more.

A big thanks to Senators Mike Lee, Tom Carper, Cory Booker, and Bill Cassidy, as well as Representatives Seth Moulton, Will Hurd, Darrell Issa, and Eric Swalwell for their commitment to bringing government employees and federal regulations into the 21st century.

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