The Happiest Tweets of June

The Happiest Tweets of June

June was a monumental month. We celebrated survivors, hugged our dads, and went out of our way for strangers. Our nails went pink for summer, and our spirits got a little afternoon lift. We witnessed history, and marched forward together.

But let’s not forget the smaller moments. Here are your happiest moments of June, as told through your tweets:

That time you believed in fate, or something:

And the classics made your whole day:

When you remembered your love for childhood snacks:

Or any snacks, really:

When T.Swift took you over:

But you regained control:

When you understood each other's cravings:

No matter your culinary preference:

When random acts of kindness brought you closer:

And you fought over a burger bill:

Or those times you connected with your community:

And you realized — we could all use a bit more of that:

Here's to more good times in July. See you next month!

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