Request a Driver and Hit the Road: Genius Ways to Use Lyft

Request a Driver and Hit the Road: Genius Ways to Use Lyft

When you just need a ride from point A to point B, say, on the way to the store or the airport, Lyft is there for you. But there are also those spur-of-the-moment times when requesting a ride can be lifesaver.

Here are some unique situations where letting a Lyft driver do the navigating may come in handy:

The Final Prep
If you need a little time to collect yourself before a date, leave the driving to Lyft so you can focus on yourself in the car. You can even turn to your driver with last-minute questions: Hair up or down? Shirt tucked or untucked?

The Dedicated Observer
Supporting a family member at a marathon can sometimes seem more difficult than running in the race. Instead of circling the course, save yourself from exhaustion and use a Lyft ride to help you cheer on your mighty marathoner along the way.

The Wedding Shuttle
Help guests get around easily at your wedding. Trade in the clunky shuttle bus for welcoming Lyft rides to and from the reception. They’re reliable, fun and affordable.

The Wanderer’s Delight
It’s 7 PM and you’re hungry, restless, and indecisive. Once you settle on the neighborhood you’d like to explore, request a Lyft to get you there. You never know what local gems you’ll stumble upon. (Your driver may even have a few recommendations of their own!)

The Recital
Whether you’re practicing your pitch for a job interview or your monologue for a play, let your Lyft driver focus on the traffic so you can complete a few final run-throughs. Plus, you’ve got a captive audience — your Lyft driver can lend an ear while you practice.

The Unexpected Sprint
Say you’re going out for a long run and suddenly need to get home quicker than you thought. Rather than call a friend and wait, simply open your Lyft app and a driver will be there to pick you up in minutes.

The Get-Together
You’ve arranged to host a family dinner but parking is limited and you don’t want anyone driving back after a few glasses of wine. To ensure everyone arrives and gets home safely, simple show them how to request Lyft rides. That way, everyone wins.

The Unscheduled Interruption
With the Lyft app, there’s no need to send that “Rescue me!” text to a friend when a date goes awry. Just request a ride, and when your driver arrives, you can let them know you have an emergency and have to scoot.

The Shopping Cart
If you live in a big city, chances are you don’t have a car. So when you go grocery shopping, you’re probably taking the subway and dreading the endless walk back with those heavy bags. Instead of making yourself miserable, skip the hassle and let a Lyft driver get you to and from the store quickly.

Have an urge to explore? Request a driver with the Lyft app to help you on your adventure.


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