Lyft at School x Honor Smartphones

Lyft at School x Honor Smartphones

Students today are busier than ever. There’s no time to waste in between juggling classes, study sessions, work, friends, parties, and more.

Need help getting it all done? We can get you where you’re going faster with our partnership with Honor, a leading smartphone e-brand under Huawei group. As part of our work together, the Lyft app will come pre-installed on the new Honor 8 phone. Thanks to the Honor 8’s smart new SmartKey technology, you’ll be able to call a Lyft ride to your early morning econ class or Friday night drinks with a quick double-tap.

We’ll also be visiting you IRL at campuses nationwide through September, introducing you to the Honor 8 and Lyft in person. Find us on campus to create your own animated GIF and unlock a chance to win a Honor 8 smartphone, selfie sticks, or Best Buy gift cards!

Our campus tour will hit schools in the following cities:

  • Boston

  • San Francisco

  • Portland

  • NYC

  • Washington, D.C.

  • Nashville

  • Los Angeles

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