Reconnecting People and Communities

Reconnecting People and Communities

In just over two years, Lyft has reconnected people and communities in a powerful way.

Lyft passengers are saving time and money every single day. They are also discovering new people and places in their community.

Communities are Growing

As a result of better access to affordable transportation, local communities are growing as a result. We found that in 2014, passengers spent $156M more at local establishments than they would have without a ride option like Lyft — just in San Francisco and Los Angeles alone.


And Drivers are Able to Pursue their Passions

From starting their own nonprofit to exploring a stand-up comedy career, or, saving a little extra money to go back to school, Lyft drivers are able to pursue new hobbies, and even careers. In fact, 25% of San Francisco drivers and 34% of Los Angeles drivers identify as entrepreneurs.

We love that our vision to reconnect people and communities is already taking hold. And we can’t wait to see how that continues in 2015 and beyond.

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