Introducing RideTap for Portlanders

Introducing RideTap for Portlanders

Since our founding, Lyft’s mission has been to reconnect people and communities through better transportation. That’s why we’re partnering with public transportation agencies across the country, making sustainable choices like transit and Lyft even easier than driving a car – and we believe technology is the key to unlocking that potential.  Through our Developer Program, which allows developers to build on top of the Lyft platform using our API, we’ve seen major success.  

Today, we’re taking this one step further. We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Portland’s public transportation agency, TriMet, and moovel. Available today, Portland’s TriMet Tickets app now leverages moovel’s transportation network, RideTap, to connect public transit riders to additional transportation options, including Lyft. TriMet Tickets app users can now find a nearby Lyft ride to help them get to and from their nearest public transit stop.

RideTap leverages Lyft’s API and makes it easier for Portlanders to access real-time information about all of their mobility options – without the hassle or inconvenience of opening up multiple apps.

Through this integration with RideTap and the TriMet Tickets app, we’re one step closer to making our vision of a seamless, sustainable transportation network a reality.

Not everyone lives within walking or biking distance of transit, so we're thrilled to partner with TriMet to provide greater access to the region’s light rail, commuter rail, and bus routes. By making multimodal transportation trips simple, we’re solving the classic “last mile problem,” one of the biggest challenges facing TriMet and countless transit agencies around the country.

Joining the RideTap network is a continuation of our commitment to expanding transportation access and growing transit ridership.

This is just one more way our Friends With Transit partnerships are making it easier for people to get from point A to point B. We’re excited to see where we roll next.

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