Introducing Shared Saver, Our Most Affordable Ride

Introducing Shared Saver, Our Most Affordable Ride

With Shared Saver, you’ll never have to worry about surge pricing. You’ll lock in the lowest prices, always — even when it’s busy.  So you’ll always have a reliable way to get wherever you’re going, no matter what.

Walk a Little, Save a Lot@1x.png
01_Walk a Little, Save a Lot@2x.png

Just wait a few minutes for a ride. We’ll find a pickup spot that’s a quick walk (a few blocks, max) from you to meet your driver and co-riders. And ditto for your drop-off — you’ll be just a short walk to your destination.

Sit Back While@1x.png
02_Sit Back While We Find Your Best Route@2x.png

So, go ahead: finish your coffee before you leave for work — or fire off that last email before you head home. With Shared Saver, you’re always just a few minutes away from a reliable ride at the lowest price available.

Here’s How It Works@1x.png
Here’s How It Works block@2x.png

*Prices vary by route and are based on time and distance.

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