Lyft Partners with It's On Us

Lyft Partners with It's On Us

When Lyft launched the first peer-to-peer ridesharing community in 2012, it was critical to design a service that everyone – our parents, our siblings, our best friends – felt great about using. To accomplish this, we created a trusted platform that prioritizes verification, transparency, and accountability.

Our strict background checks, driving record checks, vehicle inspections, and unique mentor program play an integral role in keeping 97% of all Lyft ride ratings 4 or 5 stars. This strong foundation has also supported drivers and passengers in creating a community that works hard to make every ride a welcoming and safe experience.

It’s this unified mission and platform that facilitate a diverse community of drivers and passengers. In fact, more than 30 percent of our drivers are women – two times that of our nearest competitor and 30 times more than the for-hire transportation market (additionally, the majority of our passengers are women).

As part of our continued efforts in building this foundation, today we’re proud to partner with It's On Us, a White House-led initiative to end sexual assault. We’re encouraging our community to take the pledge, join the movement and spread the word. And we’re collaborating with the It’s On Us team for their upcoming Spring Break initiative by providing free ride credits for new Lyft passengers during this Spring Break season* making it easier to get a safe ride home even if you're in a new city. We’re also happy to announce partnerships with several other organizations, including Hollaback, Stop Street Harassment, and Collective Action for Safe Spaces.

Thanks to our driver and passenger community for being part of this important effort!


*New users can download the Lyft app and enter the code SPRINGBREAK in the payments section. New users will be provided with a free ride up to $20 in value.

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