Join Lyft in Supporting the ACLU on January 27

Join Lyft in Supporting the ACLU on January 27

In January of 2017, we took a stance in support of the countless people affected by the the executive order banning travel of people from six Muslim-majority countries. One year later, we are just as committed to fighting for what’s right — and we’re not alone.

Following the travel ban, our country and our passengers came together to loudly reaffirm the American dream: that anyone, from anywhere, can come to the United States and pursue their dreams. No matter who you are or where you’re going, you deserve respect along the way. 

That’s why on January 27, 2018, for the entire day, Lyft will match all donations made to the ACLU through Round Up & Donate*.

Tens of thousands of Lyft riders have already made a big contribution to the ACLU by tapping ‘Round Up & Donate’ in their app. Once you opt in, we automatically round up your fares to the nearest dollar, then donate the difference. On average, each passenger contributes just a few dollars per month, but when we all join in together, our collective action makes a big difference.

Thank you for supporting each other, and continuing to voice your support of the ACLU, as well as other organizations fighting to preserve civil rights.

Last year, we committed to donating $1,000,000 to the ACLU over the following four years. One year in, we’re on track to uphold this commitment — today, and always.

*(up to $100K)

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