Meet Lamont: One of Seattle’s 10,000 Ride Drivers

Meet Lamont: One of Seattle’s 10,000 Ride Drivers

From his very first ride to now over 10,000, Lyft Seattle driver, Lamont, has been delivering 5 star service for almost 2 years. So what makes him such a great driver? Well, based on the feedback he gets from passengers, they would say it’s his incredible knowledge of the city, awesome conversation and the great things he keeps in his car.

He was very nice to talk to and had a lot of advice for us visitors to the city. He was awesome!!”

“Dude! You’re the man. Keep getting some dope experiences!”

“Funny, personable, and has lots of mustaches for selfies!

But even when Lamont isn’t behind the wheel, he takes the time out to educate new drivers, be involved in the Lyft community, and do what he loves best which is traveling. We had the opportunity to talk to Lamont and he shared some things he loves about the Lyft.

Driving for Lyft gives me freedom. It allows me to have unlimited vacation and travel to several destinations- I’ve been to Mexico and Europe a few times.”

“Another thing I like about Lyft is what it stands for, I like becoming a community. When it comes to driving I really do everything I can to bring the values that Lyft talks about in their mission statement inside of my car and present that to people. I like the idea of being your friend with a car, getting more cars off the road and getting people to share their lives with each other just for a brief moment.

So next time you find yourself late to work during rush hour, hopefully you see Lamont and his decked out car on the way to pick you up.

Congratulations on 10,000 rides Lamont, and here is to 10,000 more!




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