Lyft Line is Live in Miami

Lyft Line is Live in Miami

That’s right, Miami. Lyft Line is here and it costs up to 40% less than original Lyft. We’re talking from Wynwood to Downtown for less than $5.

How Lyft Line Works

Think of your recent rides. Remember all those empty seats? Imagine if they were filled with other riders traveling the same way, and you all split the cost. That’s Lyft Line in a nutshell.

Select Line mode. Enter your destination and request a ride. Line prices are fixed upfront.


Get matched with others. Even if you don’t match with anyone, you still enjoy the quoted price.


Hop in. Line takes you door-to-door and always costs less than original Lyft.

Save up to 40%

In celebration of launch, we created a special discount zone. To enjoy the discount, make sure your Line starts and ends within the zone.

Take a ride and let us know what you think!


Limited time only. $1 for an additional rider. Minimum fares apply. Rides must originate and end within the qualifying zone depicted on the map above. Sample fares are estimates only, actual fares may vary. Subject to Lyft’s Terms of Service.

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