Lyft Acquires YesGraph and DataScore to Boost Growth

Lyft Acquires YesGraph and DataScore to Boost Growth

This has been a year of growth for Lyft. After launching operations in over 160 new communities, Lyft’s service is now available to nearly 80% of the US population. Already, there have been more Lyft rides in 2017 than all of last year. And, with over 1 million Lyft rides every day, the positive impact we’re able to have on communities around the country continues to grow.

Today, we’re excited to announce two acquisitions to help propel that growth, attract more passengers and drivers, and help drivers earn more.

Lyft has acquired the technology and team of YesGraph, which works to build customer-centric referral programs. As part of the Lyft family, the YesGraph team will use their expertise to improve and expand the Lyft Driver Referral Program. Lyft is committed to helping drivers earn more, with programs like in-app tipping, same-day payments, low-cost car rentals, scheduled rides, and more. Referrals are an important income stream for drivers, and the YesGraph team will help expand the program so drivers can earn both on and off the road.

"The whole YesGraph team is incredibly excited to join Lyft. We've been obsessed with social referrals for years, and we can't wait to help the Lyft driver community," said YesGraph Founder and CEO, Ivan Kirgin.

Lyft is also acquiring the growth team of DataScore, which has deep experience in customer acquisition, conversion, and retention programs. DataScore, co-founded by Monica Ohara, Ismail Coskuner, and Hannah Russin, has a proven track record of scaling growth quickly, and is joining Lyft to help do the same. As part of Lyft’s growth team, they will add valuable expertise to accelerate the growth of passengers and drivers.

“We’re joining Lyft because we deeply believe in the Lyft mission and company values, and we feel that together, we can build a growth organization to rapidly help improve transportation in cities across the US,” said DataScore CEO and Co-Founder Monica Ohara.

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