Lyft Announces Strategic Partnership with Didi

Lyft Announces Strategic Partnership with Didi

Our mission is to reconnect people and communities through better transportation.  We believe deeply in the power of improving our cities by putting people first.

Today we take an important step in pursuit of this mission.  We are partnering with China’s largest rideshare company, Didi, to make it easier for people to get friendly, safe and reliable rides when they travel between the U.S. and China.  Together as partners, we will help make cities more sustainable, and better for the people living in them.

Lyft Rides Everywhere

With this partnership, we’ll be working together to enable people to use their Lyft app when they travel to China and get a ride wherever they are going. The same will be true for Didi’s users who travel to the U.S.  In 2014, there were nearly 8 million people who traveled between the two countries, and this trend continues to expand every year.(1)  


Strategic Investment

As part of our global partnership, Didi also invested $100 million in Lyft. This investment came as part of a financing round led by Rakuten earlier this year that also included Carl Icahn, Alibaba and Tencent.

Our world continues to become more connected, and yet each market has its own unique culture, challenges and opportunities. Partnering with Didi, the only company that provides complete coverage in all major Chinese cities, is the best way to provide a simple, seamless experience when people travel to China and the United States.  Reflecting the specific dynamics of each market we will have equally unique approaches as we continue to expand.

(1)According to the International Trade Administration, in 2014, 2,188,000 people traveled from China to the US, and 5,694,000 U.S. residents traveled to China. The Forecast of International Travelers estimates that 2,626,000 people will travel to the U.S. from China in 2015.


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