Lyft Driver Requirements: 7 Things to Know

Lyft Driver Requirements: 7 Things to Know

If you’re at least 21 and own a smartphone, you can get paid to drive with Lyft.

From how old your car is to when you can get behind the wheel, the Lyft driver requirements are straightforward. What does it mean to drive with Lyft, and how do you apply? Here are answers.

How Much Can I Make?

Depending on where you’ll drive and what type of vehicle you’ll use, you can earn up to $35 an hour driving with Lyft. Lyft takes a 25 percent commission, but you get 100 percent of the tips. Plus, you can make more money with rewards programs like the Power Driver Bonus.

When Do I Drive?

Drive whenever you want! Just open the app and indicate you’re ready for passengers. Take a break when you need to, whether it’s just a few hours off or you’re headed out of town for the week.

When (and How) Do I Get Paid?

Each week, get paid with a direct deposit to your checking account. Or, get your money faster with Express Pay, which puts your pay on a debit card after your ride earnings reach at least $50.

What Kind of Vehicle Do I Need?

Your car must be a 2004 or newer (unless listed otherwise), have four doors, five seat belts, no body damage, fully functional parts — oh, and good tires.

Other vehicle requirements include:

  • Must be fully functional and safe: A/C, heat, wipers, horn, windows, all lights, seat belts, engine, suspension, steering, brakes, seat controls, and doors (including its locks).
  • Must be free of cracks: windshields, windows, and mirrors.
  • Must meet city/state requirements.
  • Exhaust system must be within state standards, lacking modification and excessive wear.

What if I Don’t Have a Car, Can I Still Drive?

Yes, depending on where you live. Lyft and General Motors offer Express Drive, which lets you rent a car in certain cities for as little as $0 — insurance and standard maintenance included — as long as you give a certain number of rides each week. See if Express Drive is available in your area.

How Do I Give a Ride, Anyway?

You accept rides through the Lyft app. Once you accept a ride request, the app will help you navigate to pick up your passenger. Verify their name and destination — then you’re ready to roll with the help of directions from Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps. When you arrive at your passenger’s destination, there are two taps to officially end the ride. After that, you rate your passenger and then await your next ride request.

And, there’s no counting money — passengers pay and tip through the app.

I Meet Lyft Driver Requirements, Where Do I Apply?

Complete the driver application here! You’ll need to enter some basic info about yourself, then follow the steps to verify that you meet all the Lyft driver requirements.

Next, you’ll clean your car — like, really clean your car. Then, schedule a time and place to meet with a mentor, an experienced Lyft driver who can answer your questions. They’ll conduct a 19-point vehicle inspection and even go on a practice ride with you.

Background checks are up next (which may take several weeks). Lyft will email you once you’re approved.

Ready to drive with Lyft? Get your application rolling.

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