Lyft Drivers Inspire 3 New Product Updates

Lyft Drivers Inspire 3 New Product Updates

At Lyft, we’ve always believed that drivers should have all the resources they need to be successful. Together, we’ve zeroed in on what’s most important to drivers today — control over their schedules, higher earnings, and a driver-friendly app — and are building new product updates to match. 

More Control Over Daily Schedules

When a passenger schedules a ride, we’ve historically notified a driver just minutes before it’s time to depart. With scheduled pickups, a first in the ridesharing industry, drivers can view those rides the moment they’re scheduled, up to seven days early.

Scheduled pickups give drivers more control over their day by displaying each ride’s distance, location, and fare up front, allowing drivers to accept the rides that work best for them. 

Easier Ways to Earn More

With Power Zones, drivers can get paid more for every ride within a defined zone during eligible hours. It’s our easiest incentive yet, with no restrictions on car year, ride count, or acceptance rate. Power Zones are currently available in 17 cities nationwide.

An Optimized App, Created Just For Drivers

To continue building features like scheduled pickups and Power Zones, we’ve created a lightweight, driver-only app. ‘Lyft Driver’ offers all the information they need to succeed, with room for more driver resources to come. Stay tuned: We’ll gradually introduce drivers to the new app this summer.

By rolling out these updates (and more) in the coming weeks, we can not only improve drivers’ Lyft experience, but also impact entire communities. When drivers succeed, passengers do, too.

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