Here's to the Hidden Humanitarian

Here's to the Hidden Humanitarian

This Earth Day, we’re celebrating the passengers who have shared the ride, creating clearer roads and skies by choosing Lyft Line. To keep their good momentum going, we’ll be purchasing a carbon emissions offset for every mile of Line rides tomorrow.

The Impact of Line

Whether sharing the ride or donating to a good cause, we’re making a big impact by taking action together. Thanks for pushing this movement forward, one mile at a time.

*Gallons of gas saved is based on miles saved and data for average fuel economy from AAA.

For every mile of Lyft Line rides taken on April 22, 2017, between 12:00AM and 11:59PM, local time where the ride terminates, Lyft will make a payment to TerraPass to offset carbon emissions, up to a maximum payment of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000). If maximum payment amount is reached during the day, Line rides taken after the maximum is reached will not add to or increase the payment amount. This campaign is not sponsored by TerraPass.


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