Meet NYC’s Most Affordable Ride: Lyft Line

Meet NYC’s Most Affordable Ride: Lyft Line

More than one million workers commute into Manhattan every day. What if we could connect all those workers with other passengers traveling in the same direction? Connecting commuters presents a cost-effective alternative that has potential to relieve congestion, drastically reduce travel times and make the commute more enjoyable.

Lyft launched in New York City in July and within the first month, the Big Apple became one of our top markets nationwide. Today, we’re taking Lyft NYC one step further. We’re proud to announce that starting tomorrow, Lyft Line will expand to all five boroughs. Following San Francisco and Los Angeles this fall, NYC’s launch marks the third city for Lyft Line.

Even with a world-class subway system, New Yorkers experience some of the longest commutes nationwide; the average New Yorker spends 48 minutes getting to work, which is almost twice as long as the national average.

Whether commuting, heading to or from the airport around the holidays, or getting stuck on a snowy afternoon, New Yorkers will find that a majority of the time, there’s someone else heading the same way. Lyft Line is a personal transit system: a safe, door-to-door ride for up to 60% less that connects passengers with other riders traveling along a similar route. Plus, with multiple passenger parties and the ability for passengers to add a tip, drivers can earn more money on each ride.

Here’s how Lyft Line works:

  • Open the Lyft app and select ‘Line.’ Tap the ‘Request Line’ button. We’ll prompt you to enter your destination and then start building your Line.
  • Within a New York minute, we’ll match you with a ride. Your trip could be up to 60% less than an original Lyft ride, and the price is fixed up-front. Even if we don’t find another passenger, your Line will remain the rate you accept in the app.
  • We’ll text you when your Line is closeby, so you can walk out the door and be ready to hop in.

New Yorkers have come to rely on Lyft as a reliable option for their daily commutes, and Lyft Line will make those daily rides even more efficient and affordable. With this launch, we’re making progress toward reduced traffic and shorter commute times for the millions of residents and visitors traveling in and out of New York City every day.

Lyft Line will be available across all five boroughs starting tomorrow. We’ll be reaching out to our most active passengers in the coming days personally invite them to try Lyft Line, so be sure to check your inbox. Happy Holidays, NYC!

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