Lyft Line Turns Two

Lyft Line Turns Two

Two years ago this month, we launched Lyft Line in our hometown of San Francisco. As the first ride type of its kind, Line let riders heading the same way share the ride and split the cost. Line was a way for us to provide more affordable rides to more people, and further our mission by reconnecting people and communities through transportation.

Changing the Way We Move

Sharing the ride is a simple choice with a big impact. In just two years, you’ve helped reduce traffic by over 13 million cars. You’re filling seats that would otherwise be empty — which leads to fewer cars on the road, less pollution, and less congestion. What’s more, the more you use Line, the better it gets. Passengers get matched faster, routes become even more efficient, and rides become even more affordable.

Lyft Line: Two-Year Snapshot

Services like Line are changing how we get around our cities every day, and will help shape the future of what they look like in the years ahead. So keep making your mark, and thanks for helping Line become what it is today. We couldn’t have done it without you.

See you on the road, and keep sharing the ride.


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