Best of New York City, as Told by Lyft Rides

Best of New York City, as Told by Lyft Rides

When you’re celebrating a two-year anniversary with New York City, you have to go all out — and we’re doing just that.

From the most popular day to ride with Lyft to the most frequented baseball stadium, we’ve got the best of New York City. Cheers, NYC — we’re happy to be your ride.

A Road Very, Very Well-Traveled

NYC Lyft drivers and passengers traveled 45.6 million miles! That’s a little bit less than half the distance to the sun — and the distance of going to the moon and back about, uh, 95 times.

Most Popular Neighborhoods in Manhattan

Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen are the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods for drop-offs.

The runners-up:

  • Lower East Side
  • Gramercy Park and Murray Hill
  • Greenwich Village and Soho

For Lyft Line, our shared ride option, the most popular NYC ride stays in the neighborhood: Passengers who start in Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen end in Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen.

Other popular Lyft Line rides:

  • Gramercy Park or Murray Hill to Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen
  • Lower East Side to Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen

Most Popular NYC Ride Times

In the city that never sleeps are the workers who never stop working.

  • Busiest morning commute time: 8–9 AM
  • Busiest evening commute time: 8–9 PM
  • Busiest hour of the day: 10 PM

That 12-hour workday is an easy explanation for why Saturdays are the most popular days for rides: to celebrate not working.

Busiest day of the week runners-up:

  • Friday
  • Sunday
  • Thursday

Least popular day? Monday — making it very clear that everybody needs a day to recover.

And, this one’s for the night owls: 14 percent of all Lyft NYC rides happen between midnight and 5 AM.

Most Popular NYC Borough

Between Chinatown, the Theater District, and Central Park, you’ll never want to leave our most popular borough, Manhattanand Lyft is happy to take you there.


  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • The Bronx
  • Staten Island

NYC Lyft Drivers Get Some Love, Too!

When our NYC passengers rate their rides, 84 percent of them give 5 stars. To add to that appreciation, Lyft NYC drivers got $8 million in tips since Lyft arrived in New York City! And more than 20 percent of passengers who commented on their ride described it with words like “awesome” and “lovely.” That’s, well, awesome!

This or That

If you’re a New Yorker prone to strong opinions (isn’t everyone?), here’s a fun game: Which Lyft destination is more popular?

LaGuardia or JFK?
LaGuardia. Well, it is closer to Manhattan.

NYU or Columbia?
Columbia. Go Lions!

Chelsea Market or Smorgasburg?
Chelsea Market. Hello, the Oreo was invented here.

Yankee Stadium or Citi Field?
Citi Field. Mets fans hit a home run with rides to their ballpark.

Madison Square Garden or Barclays Center?
Barclays Center. Sorry, Knicks fans. This time Brooklyn wins.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art or the American Museum of Natural History?
This may not even be a competition — The Met.

Central Park or Battery Park?
Battery Park. End your Lyft ride to this spot with a ride on the SeaGlass Carousel — you’ll never see anything like it.

Celebrate Lyft’s two-year anniversary with New York City by requesting a ride to your favorite NYC destination. Get your first ride free, up to $20.


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