Fast-Track Your Career Success with LinkedIn Gigs and Lyft Phoenix

Fast-Track Your Career Success with LinkedIn Gigs and Lyft Phoenix

Are you a hustler who is looking to find creative means to make a living outside the nine-to-five? Lyft Phoenix has partnered with LinkedIn Gigs, a new product that helps you discover and apply for multiple gigs at once. LinkedIn Gigs makes it easy for anyone in the Phoenix metro area to apply to as many as four gigs with a few clicks of the mouse. Simultaneously set yourself up with jobs like driving with Lyft and other gig-economy businesses.

As a bonus, once applicants start their first gig, they automatically qualify for a free six-month subscription to LinkedIn Premium with LinkedIn Learning. These platforms are crucial for building a network and learning skills that support your long-term career ambitions.

“Phoenix is a fast-growing area with many career opportunities – that’s part of the reason Lyft is invested in this region,” said Drena Kusari, Regional General Manager for Lyft. “By connecting Lyft Phoenix with the LinkedIn Gigs pilot program, we can help ensure that our group of wonderful and diverse drivers are empowered to build their skills and grow in whatever careers they choose to explore.”

Sign up and show your friends LinkedIn Gigs — they can join you as a driver with Lyft and get free access to LinkedIn Premium to help them further their careers.

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