9 Times to Choose a Luxury Ride

9 Times to Choose a Luxury Ride

Your outfit and hair are flawless, and you feel as good as you look. Whatever the occasion, a Lyft Premier ride can be part of your night on the town.

Lyft Premier provides you a luxury ride in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. If you’re looking for a specific excuse to ride in an Audi A6 or Lexus ES, take a look at these nine times to opt for Lyft Premier.

1. The wedding bells: From the bachelor and bachelorette celebrations to the ceremony and reception, Lyft Premier is perfect for carrying the bride and groom’s beloved wedding party.

2. The birthday blowout: Whether it’s a low-key celebration with your best friends or a full-blown night on the town, a luxury ride will set the stage for an evening to remember.

3. The impressive commute: Are you a freelancer looking to sway a client? Or maybe you’re organizing your boss’s transportation to dinner. With a Lyft Premier ride, you can forget all worries about your clients’ and colleagues’ comfort and focus on the business at hand.

4. The holiday assistant: No one wants to end up as the DD on the night of a special party. Instead, leave your car at home and request a Lyft Premier driver to safely take your crew around. 

5. The date starter: You’ve planned a first date, with only one problem: driving across town in your mom’s old car to pick up your date. Impress your crush by arriving in a Lyft Premier ride — they’ll know from the get-go that you have good taste.

6. The parental service: When your parents visit, surprise them with a Lyft Premier ride from the airport. They’ll be delighted to see that you’re succeeding in the big city.

7. The break-up pickup: The time has come, and you’ve got to travel to your ex’s house to pick up a box of your belongings. Don’t risk showing up in your car. Ride in style to show just how over this relationship you are.

8. The special reward: Your kiddo got all-A’s on her report card. Or she scored the winning goal at her soccer game. Show her that hard work — and success — pays off with an upgraded Lyft Premier ride on the way home.

9. The sweet dream: You’re working your way up in the world but can’t afford that BMW just yet. Instead of wasting hours yearning for a luxury ride, experience one with Lyft Premier and ask your driver their story: How did they save up for such a sweet ride? Who knows — maybe you’ll find the trick to getting your own luxury car!

What special events do you have coming up in your life? Request a Lyft Premier ride to arrive in style.

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