Catch a Ride to Your Next Concert With Lyft

Catch a Ride to Your Next Concert With Lyft

How you get to (or leave) a concert can make or break the show.

Driving yourself has a lot of cons, like waiting to find a parking spot, paying an expensive parking fee, and walking forever from the lot to the show. You might even miss a few songs simply because you drove. But what if you knew that riding there has all the pros?

It’s like Mom dropping you off at a concert and picking you up after it ends, but way cooler: Request a Lyft ride on your phone to get you there and back. You can even track your driver’s ETA right in the app.

Here are some reasons to ride with Lyft when seeing your favorite band.

Pass the Parking Lines

Just when you thought you’d grab a great parking spot by arriving early, you learn that everyone else has the same idea. But if you ride with Lyft, you can skip the parking maze — just have your driver drop you off, and walk to the entrance. And when the concert ends, you won’t have to wander through rows and rows of cars searching for your own. Just open the Lyft app and request a ride.

Ride When You Want

Music festivals are great — but sometimes they aren’t convenient and you need to take an expensive shuttle bus to get there. That means standing in line, hoping there are enough seats on the next shuttle for you and your friends, and getting there at the same time as everyone else. Or, you can request a Lyft ride and skip the shuttle bus.

Focus on the Show

If you’re driving to a concert, you’ll often be distracted by getting there and parking — then remembering where you parked. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to figure out your game plan. If you take a Lyft ride, you can check social networks to see who else is heading to the show, all from the comfort of the backseat.

Save on Hotel Costs

Going out of town to see your favorite band? If you’re saving money by booking a hotel that’s not near the show, just rely on Lyft to take you where you need to go. With Lyft, you can spend more time at the concert and avoid the headache of figuring out how to get there.

Ensure a Safe Return Ride

Between the fatigue from dancing into the night and the all those drinks you had, driving after the show may not be a wise decision. Instead, request a Lyft ride, and let your driver get you safely to where you’re going.

Don’t get stuck behind the wheel to get to a festival or concert. Let Lyft take you there.

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