5-Star Features. 5-Star Ride.

5-Star Features. 5-Star Ride.

You’ve heard that Lyft can get you a safe ride in minutes, but you may not be aware of the other user-friendly features the app offers.

For example, can you remember a time when you (or someone you know) left something in a taxi, and it was either a hassle to find the driver or you never saw it again? The Lyft app makes locating lost items super simple.

Here’s some cool stuff the Lyft app can do:

Split Your Fare

That friend who always forgets his wallet is now out of luck. With the Lyft app, you can choose up to five friends from your phone’s contact list and have each pay his or her share of the ride.

Share Your ETA During Your Ride

Avoid making your date think you stood them up. With Lyft, you can prove that you were out the door before 5 PM and really are stuck in traffic (not changing outfits for the fifth time). Use the app to show where you are and how soon you’ll arrive.

Follow Your Driver’s Arrival Route

You know what’s helpful? Having your Lyft car stand out from the crowd. Lyft does just that by changing your car’s icon in the app to reflect its actual color once you’re matched with a driver. The bird’s-eye view of the map is helpful, too, so you can see which way your driver is headed — Yes! Only two blocks away!

Ride with Your +5

Why take separate cars when you can roll up with your whole squad? With Lyft Plus, you get a larger vehicle that can carry up to six people — great for getting your whole entourage home after last call or for shuttling your family to the airport.

Find Your Lost Item

It happens. You get home and can’t find your wallet. Then it hits you — it’s still on the seat in the Lyft car. Don’t panic! Simply go to your ride history in the app and tap Find Lost Item. Or, at the bottom of your emailed receipt is a link to report a lost item — it’s that easy.

Take a Shortcut Home

How’s this for efficiency? With an iPhone that supports 3D Touch, you can request a ride to your home or work without leaving your Home screen. Just firmly press the Lyft icon for the shortcut.

Get these cool features and a safe ride anytime by signing up for the Lyft app. 

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