Lyft x Absolut

Lyft x Absolut

At Lyft, we’re always looking to help passengers get home safely from their weekend fun, so we’re excited to announce our most recent technological integration: the bot bartender.

Lyft is proud to partner with Absolut, Gratafy, and Facebook Messenger to launch an integrated online and offline nightlife experience that provides a complimentary Absolut cocktails and a free Lyft ride home.  It’s a first-of-its-kind bot for Facebook Messenger which will provide an automated interaction with consumers, of legal drinking age, that bridges the gap between online social engagement and enjoying a cocktail at a bar – like no other brands have.

The Absolut bot for Messenger will geotarget consumers over 21 in three cities throughout the U.S. – Chicago, Denver, and Washington, D.C. – users can interact with the bartender bot, choose a bar to visit and through Gratafy, an e-commerce technology platform, they’ll be given a code redeemable for a free drink at local restaurant and bars in each city.

After opting-in to Absolut’s bot for Messenger, users are given the chance to sample an Absolut cocktail at one of up to 50 local restaurants and bars in each city. Through Gratafy’s ongoing partnership users in the three cities will also have the opportunity to get one free ride up to $20 as part of our Safe Ride Home program.

So if you’re in Chicago, Denver, or DC, check out the Absolut bot for Messenger by sending a message to the Absolut Facebook page in the Messenger app with the phrase, “Start my Absolut night.”

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