Lyft, Xerox, and the City of LA Join Forces to Curb Congestion

Lyft, Xerox, and the City of LA Join Forces to Curb Congestion

In the city of the future, personal car ownership will be a thing of the past. With fewer cars on the road, we’ll curb traffic congestion, cut emissions, and redesign our streets around people instead of cars. Lyft is already bringing that vision closer with reliable, shared rides on-demand. But we can’t do it alone.

This week, we are proud to join the City of Los Angeles as a partner in the new Go LA App - powered by Xerox - a trip-planning app that gives Angelenos one-stop mobile access to all of the public and private transportation modes LA has to offer.

Famous for its freeways where our co-founder and CEO Logan Green spent his youth sitting in traffic, LA is the perfect laboratory to test how Lyft can make a dent in congestion and car ownership when we work together with other sustainable transportation options. We believe the future of urban mobility must bridge the public-private divide, allowing city-dwellers to move seamlessly between trains, bikes, buses, and Lyft rides.

"If we put our heads together across public and private sectors, we can find solutions that support Angelenos in getting in, through, and around Los Angeles in the easiest way possible,” says Seleta Reynolds, General Manager of the LA Department of Transportation. “The Go LA App puts the technology to make informed travel decisions literally in the palm of our hands."

The Go LA App covers a range of transportation choices, from Lyft to public transit, carsharing, and biking, allowing riders to select the shortest, most affordable or most sustainable way to reach their destinations.

Lyft works closely with cities across the nation to provide the best experience for drivers and passengers, and the Go LA partnership supports a huge passion point for Lyft: local growth.

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