6 Reasons to Make Lyft Your Campus Shuttle This Semester

6 Reasons to Make Lyft Your Campus Shuttle This Semester

It might be time to stop begging your parents for a car on campus. Between parking fees and tickets that add up faster than you think, it gets expensive fast. Plus, you’ll miss out on walks and bike rides where you’ll run into friends.

But sometimes you just have to get off campus, and walking or riding your bike won’t always work. That’s when you can skip the campus shuttle and rely on a Lyft ride to get you where you need to go.

Here are six reasons to request a Lyft ride while you’re in college.

1. Late-Night Rides

Whether you’re at a party with friends or in the library putting the finishing touches on your paper, it can get late — fast. And walking anywhere alone at night can be unsettling, especially with a backpack full of prized belongings. (That thesis is just as valuable as the laptop where it’s saved.) Instead, request a Lyft ride at the end of a long day. It’s a reliable way to get home safely after a late-night study session or a night of drinking.

2. Rides to the Game

You love your school’s athletic teams, but wish the stadium wasn’t so far away. And even if you have a car to drive to the game, parking can be a nightmare. Waiting around for the campus shuttle just won’t do, either.

Request a Lyft ride to pick up your crew, and then have your driver drop you off at the game. Who knows, you may even turn your Lyft driver into a fan on the ride there!

3. Off-Campus Grocery Shopping

Saving money by opting out of campus dining is possible, even without a car. Request a Lyft ride to shop and run errands around town. You’ll be thankful to haul your groceries in a car rather than carrying them home. Here’s a pro-tip: Head to a grocery store that’s in a big shopping center. That way, you can walk to other stores — say, the pharmacy or cute boutique — that are close by to make the most of each trip. You can also use the Lyft app to split the price with your roommate when you head out together.

4. Weekend-Warrior Activities

Sometimes you just want to take a break from school and find cool places off campus. Head to the park or the beach, or simply find something fun to do in a nearby city — and let Lyft take you there. When you’re done exploring, request a Lyft ride to take you back to campus.

5. Airport Rides

Come holiday time, everyone will be scrambling to finish finals and land a ride to the airport. Skip sweet talking friends with cars or paying for an expensive taxi, and request a Lyft ride to take you to the airport.

6. Rainy Days

So long drenched backpacks, jeans, and rain boots. When it’s pouring outside and you need to get to class, request a Lyft ride to scoop you up and get you around campus — because, unfortunately, rain isn’t an excuse to skip your lecture.

Need a ride around or off campus? Skip the campus shuttle and request a Lyft ride instead.

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