Make Way for the Wildcard

Make Way for the Wildcard

Calling all creative whiz kids, idea-inventors, and agency hotshots: You’re invited to blow our minds.

Lyft is looking for an Agency of Record for 2015. We’ve already sent out requests for proposals (RFPs) to several large, impressive agencies, as organizations in our position traditionally do. But since doing things the traditional way has never been our style, we’ve decided to mix up the RFP process. Welcome to the wildcard.

Have what it takes to join us in this adventure? Jump in. We’re not looking for 60 seconds of rehearsed reasoning why you’d do a good job. We don’t want a presentation with numbers and graphs. We don’t want endorsements from former clients or your grandmother. We want pure, unadulterated Lyft spirit, whatever you think that may be. So hit us with your best shot.

All videos must be tweeted @Lyft with #LyftWildcard by Tuesday, June 9, 2015. The next day, we’ll select our favorite submission, and the creative behind the video will have the chance to compete against four other agencies to become our Agency of Record.

Don’t know where to start? Well, we’ll give you extra points if you include a silver spoon, a cameo by Snoop Dogg, or a unicorn (stuffed or real). You take it from there.

For full terms and conditions, see rules.

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