Introducing Fast Match: Making Music Festival Pickups Easier For You

Introducing Fast Match: Making Music Festival Pickups Easier For You

Music festivals should be full of surprises. Getting back home shouldn’t. With our new pickup feature, Fast Match, expect a much smoother experience. 

We're excited to announce that Fast Match is coming to the big music festival — and we look forward to bringing this experience to other events in the future.

Starting now, when you request a standard Lyft ride over the next two weeks from the world’s largest music festival, expect less confusion for both you and your Lyft driver. Instead of searching for your driver at often-hectic pickup areas, we’ll direct you to a clearly-marked Lyft pickup area, located at the Milwaukee Art Museum. You’ll join a designated line (with other Lyft riders) and show a unique four-digit code to the next available driver. 

We understand that Fast Match is a different way to request rides, so Lyft ambassadors will be available curbside to assist you. Before you head home, grab a bite at one of the onsite food trucks.

How to Request Your Fast Match Festival Pickup:

Flex Match Summerfest - 2b.png

[1]  Enter your destination and request a standard* Lyft ride. 

[2]  If available, you’ll see the above screen pop up in your app. Tap Get code to get your unique four-digit code. 

[3]  Follow the directions to the Milwaukee Art Museum and join the Lyft Fast Match line. (A friendly Lyft ambassador will be there to assist you.) 

[4] When you get to the front of the line, show your code to the driver. Once you’re matched, hop in, and be on your way. 

Here’s to making travel a lot less stressful. 

*Only available at select venues and is subject to availability. User must select a standard Lyft ride for this feature.

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