Making Philadelphia Lyft-Friendly Again

Making Philadelphia Lyft-Friendly Again

Over the summer, state lawmakers approved a deal that authorized Lyft to operate in Philadelphia with a portion of revenue going to local schools. Recently, this deal expired, putting Lyft’s future in jeopardy and leaving schools without important funding.

We’re working hard with state legislators to pass legislation that makes this deal permanent and secures a long-term future for ridesharing throughout Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia.

Permanent ridesharing legislation will be a huge boost to Philadelphia schools, bringing in millions of dollars in extra funding every year.

Because of this, many school and state leaders have voiced support for the deal. “Lyft has worked to ensure that their ridesharing service has a positive influence on our community,” said School District of Philadelphia Superintendent, Dr. William R. Hite.

Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania’s Governor, added, "it is encouraging that the legislation provides two-thirds of the revenue derived from ridesharing to the Philadelphia School District."

Drivers and passengers are speaking up too, even those who spend their time in the state capitol. Here’s what Stacey Wright, a Lyft driver and Chief of Staff to a state representative, sent to other state legislators after the deal expired:

“Lyft has allowed me to get back on track with some bills, even is assisting in paying for my wedding to another Lyft driver. I hope our lawmakers will see the wisdom in allowing Lyft to continue to operate, while assisting many constituents in providing a means to care for their families.”

According to news reports, state legislators may vote on permanent ridesharing legislation as soon as this week. Make sure your state representatives know why you support ridesharing before they vote.

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